Lyrics to Platters Medley
Platters Medley Video:
heavenly shades of night are falling it's twilight time
out of the mist your voice is calling it's twilight time
when purple colored curtains mark the end of day
i hear you my dear of twilight time

deepening shadows gathers plendor as day is done
fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun
i count the moments darling till youre here with me
together at last at twilight time

only you can make this world seem right
only you can make the darkness bright
only you and you alone can thrill me like you do
and fill my heart with love for only you

only you can make this changing me
for it's true you are my destiniy
when you hold my hand i understand the magic that you do
youre my dreams come true my one and only you

oh yes i'm the great pretender pretending that i'm doing well
my need is such i pretend to much i'm lonely but noone can tell
oh yes i'm the great pretender adriftin aworld of my own
i play the game but to my real shame youve left me to dream all alone

to realis this feeling of make believe
to real when i feel but my heart cant consil

oh yes i'm the great pretender just laughing and gay like a clown
i seem to be what i'm not you see i'm wearing my heart likea crown
pretending that youre still around

my prayer is tolinger with you at the end of the day
in a dream thats device
my prayer and the answer youk new may they still be the same
for as longas i live
that you always be there at the end of my prayer
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