Lyrics to Plasticity
Plasticity Video:
If I know you, you’ll never get this,
you’re too lost and confused.
The faces seem to dance around you,
and yet the names don’t ring a bell.
The hatred it’s locked up inside you,
but you don’t forget your smile.

They think they know you
through your fake smile,
and it’s sad to say.

The table is set around you,
and there’s lies on their plates.
How could you let them mold you
into their
shiny centerpiece?
Now all the wicked eyes are on you
including your own.

This is your life, and I bet they think
they know you more than this.
Well this is my life, and I can’t recognize
my own damn face,

I think I should know you, just a bit more
I need you to know that we’re in the same shoes.
Your treading dangerous waters,
and the current has you now
this time you can’t control this, your chrome is fading.

A new persistence works away in your head.
The, “Good old days.” For you have long been dead.
In your memories the colors fade.
Summers spent, they’ve turned to gray.
Why can’t I close my eyes, and make you go away

Sleepless night
The time creep by
In the tides of deceit
I remember knowing, my own self-image
the grass is greener,
on the other side this time
Staring and hating
the waters reflecting
the fires that burn in your eyes
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