Lyrics to Plane
Plane Video:
package was empty, taxway is clear desteny´s written, I read my hand I tried to be healthy but I am not here spread all my arms around the bend my wheight told me it will stick till the end o´my life been marriaged to the ground below belong oh where is up and down I´ve been drilled too long, I´ll try I´ll try to sit down chor.: this waiting on my seat, ´n I got no time where we are flying, I do not know no pilot is steering, so it is mine pull it up it´s up to you, I´ve been so afraid o´ watching the sky shiffering body you don´t need to be there what is this a wish, a wish to deny denied all the time, it´s time to fly had my drill, cheat me on took the pills, keep me from sleeping, steering, hear the wind and soar blowing, whipping all the good times away drinking, fucking, oh it meant much more hating, hating, and the smile gone away

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