Lyrics to Plains
Plains Video:
into the desert
weathered forever
desperate clouds
follow them out
seeing the future
cautiously answer
it's only the plains
sideways rain

the days whispered and shouted
and everything counted
the signs were around
we looked, so we found
been seeking a pattern
none of it mattered
watching the sky
cycling by
through the windows of the past life

we are seeing the same thing
but they are not laughing
the smoke from the engine
the bones of the plain
and I notice this vaguely
but it couldn't contain me
and so I've been tamed
and so it remains
and I am ashamed
and hiding in the strangest pathway

try to remember
pen to the paper
caution: "get out!"
what's it about?
the pictures are empty
voices have left me
it's only the plains
sideways rain
and I am ashamed
and I am ashamed
and every day is just the same
Songwriters: Wasner, Jennifer Lynn
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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