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Lyrics to Place To Go
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[Verse 1]
Are we honestly programmed to hate one another?
Throw hands, bent arms, release fire on this cold land
New minds confined by old plans
No more romance, no more slow dance
Shawty twerk somethin' for me
Or dehydrate from your thirst for the money, sugar
Instead of BET it's EBT
Dreams that don't pass the TV screen, shit
Maybe I'm an exception, the one that counted his blessings
My adolescence was more like a mount on the lessons
I had to climb, a certain truth I had to find
Took the good with the bad combined
And it's nothing nice
But hey, this is life
I understood the value before I knew the price
I had a heart, it turned to ice
Some of us have visions, come us just have sight, you know

[Hook] (x2)
You know you know
You know, you know, I know
I'm out my mind, sometimes unusual
(Wassup bruh)
On my grind the usual
(Stay up Fash)
I got no other place to go

[Verse 2]
Each memory accumulates like puddles of rain
The gray swallows the daylight, a lot has changed
Since I said hello to 21
Runnin' towards the same world y'all was runnin' from
Some say it's 'bout to end, I say it just begun
I could never be over but it can come undone
When you chose to give guns to the young child
Boom on to the old
Satanic scriptures and scrolls turn hearts cold
It changes mind
Ain't shit changed in these days and times
Niggas still aimlessly committing heinous crimes
Pan handlers on the corner with their favorite sign
Wishing to the stars, hoping one day they align
Since the day they let em burst on the scene
I walked around like I had the Earth on a string
Look at me now, a king from a shooken up child
How couldn't you be proud y'all?
But you know

[Hook] (x4)
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