Pizza, Sex, And Trolls Lyrics


Guilty Pleasure

Lyrics to Pizza, Sex, And Trolls
Pizza, Sex, And Trolls Video:
Turn this shit up loud and bang your head don't be a fucking bitch
Yeahhh its 2014 and everyone around you is a critic and a life judge
You want to be accepted and have tons of fake friends
and win a gold medal because you are fucking awesome
You talk shit on the internet because you're a badass
and nobody can touch you
You wanna break the rules and eat pizza skip school,
fuck yeah that's the goddamn truth

Yeah life is motherfucking awesome,
thank you for buying this CD I want to kiss your fucking lips,
put money in your tits and watch you dance with pure joy
because this is the best song you've ever heard

Holy shit, you guys should go back to your old sound
Your new shit fuckin sucks I liked you guys before you got big
Your band ruined fuckin metal core and your lyrics are gay
I hate you so much but I still pay attention to every word you say
10 years later and we're still a fucking band,
if you've ever been a hater I'm your number one fan

Think about the shit that's always coming out your dirty mouth
Five wild motherfuckers straight up out the dirty south
Talk is cheap as fuck and everybody knows your words are shit
We will never give a fuck so what
Take it to the basics and erase the fact we made it
We're just partyin and travelin and you're a fuckin hater
Welcome to the party fuck bitches see you later
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