Lyrics to Pitch Black
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I never tried to weaken this feeling, I never thought I would eat dust
I never asked to be the victim of your lie
Could never know that they are coming, never know what they have in mind
You never spoke about your secrets or what they try to find
All that I can do is to decide and the only way is now to hide
Come into my dream, come into my dream
Never go away my dream away because tonight

See you safe, see you safe if I hold on to my dream
See you safe, see you safe if you won't leave this scene

Face to face and God to God, you have to stay
Don't fall apart, don't turn around, just look at you
So much pain you're going trough and raise your first and start to fight
You have to slice the darkest night, Your lies, your sins, they're straining you
Nothing left what you can do

Come inside, I know, know what I demand, your hunters aren't far away
Don't think about what will be if you cannot escape from here
cause you have to pass
Tell my goddess, I know I will be back soon
Can't you see that time is running out
You have to lead cause you know here I'm blind

Pitch Black - Will you follow the Lord inside
Pitch Black - You don't know what he has to hide
Pitch Black - Do not close your eyes inside
Pitch Black - Don't forget how to stay alive
Pitch Black - Smell the blood on the floor
Pitch Black - Closing every door

This will be the last time, how can we still remain
This will be the last time, can we try to regain
All those things that we've lost, this will be the last time
That I ask my heart before, I fall into the dark
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