Lyrics to Pistols At Dawn
Pistols At Dawn Video:
this is a bailout, baby
like anyone could save me now
drag my body out to shore
we must look pretty tired
a motive with a smile and
the chalk outline on the floor

but i want more,
and i'm not ready for this war

does it keep you from sleep
like it's doing to me?
it's getting harder to keep.
does it weigh on your mind
and make you weak at the knees?

so if i'm all alone, then
this must be my atonement
i wear the cross that i have made
you slipped a fast one by me
i guess that i can finally say
that the favor's been repaid

and i will pray
that something beautiful will stay

but the truth is:
i'm no saint, and you're no savior.
so what's the use in this sort of behavior?
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