Lyrics to Pink Hell
Pink Hell Video:
Intro-Beat 2x Riff 1.Strophe Never stopped drinkin’ Never started thinkin’ ‘bout my future or my past always lived my live to the last 1x Riff 2.Stophe As I got sober again In this tunnel with the bright end What the fuck yo think is this Hocus-Pocus that it is Refrain: The pink hell What a good, good stuff I can’t get enough Of this pink, pink love Post-Chorus-Riff 3.Strophe Ran my head against the wall Open up the heaven’s hall Now I don’t know why I’ve been so horny To be in a place of everlasting boredom Refrain Post-Chorus-Riff Lick Solo über Refrain-Riff Refrain P-C-Riff Refrain P-C-Riff

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