Lyrics to Pimpstyle
Pimpstyle Video:
Go away
Get down

Sold my soul away
You can even trade this way
Grab a 45 and start a judgment day, ok
Another propaganda
Do the black drama
I wonder the days getting sweeter

But it's all I've got you
I'm coming off through
You don't have to tell me when I'm gonna make my move
All the people strike while I make my way
Consider my life, I do bullshit every single day

Break me, come on break me

I'll see you on my way
While I try to sell my soul
I'll try to be okay
While I try to take control

Back from track to suck my load
Keep this up, all the shit and the crumb that
you never heard
I don't make partition
To amass humanization
Tension has arrived
For the anti adhesion

Even though I'm packaging
I'm so gonna make you fall down
Got to take control
Killing my identity
'Cause that's what I wanna see
You're my all time enemy
Feel the loco, insanity

Go away
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