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Lyrics to Pimp Struck
Pimp Struck Video:
[Hook: x2]
Get up in your body and your dome
Left the after party with the chrome
As soon as everybody knows that I'm gone
Put the fuel on it
Take a puff and a pull on it, then I'm gone
Center make up the party
Rocking bodies
Make you throw your hands in the sky
It's a verbal homicide everybody duck
Get the party dumb
S struck TNT like what

[Verse 1]
Come on and toke on a dub with me
I love cities with parties that's full of bitches
they let me rub tities
Packing a snub, I ain't a thug
So i guess it's the blood in me
Got to holler at a stud skinny
Got my boys outside if you really want to fuck with me
What's the reason of the beef for
Hit'em upside the head with the hardest of my beef flow
Take a look at me grills
Rolling through the bay
To my bay nuts, what the fucks happening
Take a look at my grill
And the shine on my 17 inch wheels
On my motherfucking magnum
Subliminal I'm a player still
Balling in the game come major bills
Take a trip with me through hater-ville
Haters front about
How they get hooked up on some killer steal
But a real-a motherfucker know only players get hooked
up on the killer deals
For real, still drank, still blow
Then I creep through the hood real slow
Sitting sideways feeling real swole
Sipping on syrup feeling real slow


[Verse 2]
If you see me walking by Im'a brush ya
Its that physco motherfucker from the bay
Rolling with that bad motherfucker that will crush ya
Tongue got a mind of its own it will dust ya
Tell me who the fuck want what (what)
Which one of you murderers is ready to blow a set on up
Hit your gut make a scene off a theme make you throw up
Split lips with a big fat tip in the middle straight running this
Check out mommy she the sexiest
When it come to the sex Im'a specialist
I wanna break a sweat when we get to buckin
Hardy back drumming
Coped the bills out the jeans
Pappi fat nuttin
Cop a gat gunnin
Got to pop her grill
Got to pop the steel
Oh I got to got to pop something
Petty packing penny brushing motherfucker
With the pretty pearl
Holl got to got to get it get it girl
With the pele pel
Rocking on the stage
In a petty shirt
Grinding up the flow ryming in the zone
'Till my belly hurt
But I really want to got to put in work
Concord city finna want to rep it to the dirt
Break 'em make 'em take 'em
Motherfucking fake them all
Shake, shake, I shake they all fall

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