Lyrics to Pillars
Pillars Video:
humor yourself
revolution from a love seat
you'll never overthrow
sitting down
i affiliate myself
with a lifelong aim
to remain one step
ahead of them in their game
my pash has been cleared, mobility secured
for I have armed my self with abstinence
untainted by drug, no part of murder
I will always contest
your self-involved apocalypse
we are the pillars
of this social edifice
and though we strengthen
we need not support
their plan will oxidize our foundation
lest we deflect erorive thought
piss in the face of priorital disfunction
retaliate against the bill boarded lie
your willingness is the fire the capitalist spark
your failure to question is the gasoline
add to the fire but I'll stay here in the dark
I will be the alien... we will be the aliens
Retaliate against billboarded enslavement
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