Pieces Of Me Are Dead Lyrics

Terror By The Lake

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Lyrics to Pieces Of Me Are Dead
Pieces Of Me Are Dead Video:
There are so many things that this world has to offer
That are so much worse than death
And I hope with everything that's inside me
That you experience every single one of them

I won't be happy 'til I'm worlds apart from you and your fucking disease

Taken aback by the intensity of my hatred for this filthy fucking tramp
Your eyes lied far more than your tongue
Hide behind your wall of false virtue but you have a dark secret

The words to describe the depth of my hatred for you don't fucking exist
I hope the next one beats you black and blue and doesn't give a fucking shit

If you lived one second of the pain you've given to me
You'd pull the trigger yourself you emotionless fucking cunt

I gave it all to lose it all
Never the fuck again

I hope the next one is never there
I hope the next one never cares
I hope the next one throws you down the fucking stairs
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