Lyrics to Pictures
Pictures Video:
Pictures in my mind, leave me bitter and unkind So excuse me if I don't feel the way you do All around, on the ground the suffering can be found And I want to help but I'm not sure how too I know they have it rough but I just can't do enough So I wonder if I should even bother Poor girl just wants some food, bet it would change your attitude IF you found that hungry girl to be your daughter And still we turn the other cheek And I for one am feeling cowardice and weak We go through life with our eyes closed But in our hearts and minds we'll always know Was at the end of my rope and had given up all hope But now I see that's just the easy way out And I know many have more but my health I'm thankful for I don't need everything that's not what I'm about So if you've got what you don't need, please don't resort to greed Share your power don't abuse it I'm left with a choice armed with only my voice And you can bet that I intend to use it I'm not going to turn the other cheek No more feeling cowardice and weak Go through life with my eyes open wide And when someone needs my help I won't run and Hide I won't run and hide

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