Picture Of Dorian Gray Lyrics

Ad Vitam Aeternam

Abstract Senses

Lyrics to Picture Of Dorian Gray
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Staring at the one occupying the picture
Both envy and hate got a grip on me
Time wouldn't fade the lines of his face.

Admired and lusted after by some noble guests
As you would be kept clear of by those who would've brought you up to deity.

I wish time would avoid me like the plague
And devour the gentle outlines on his face.
To do so I would sell my soul to the devil.
No need to grieve, night is drawing near.
Will take away my daydream and sink into the ocean of stranger thoughts.

Your prayer sounds enchantress to me like a spell
Get drunk on my words by yearning for this new life offering itself.

I've been listened to by the Evil One
who has made my prayer come true.
I've lost all kind of sleep...

The ones that once loved me died in the net of my pride and imposture...

Now I feel ashamed.
Cannot hide away from the curse that prevails in me.

Each night I crowd round your soul and your
nastiest thoughts taste like exquisite food.

I happened to believe from pain burden I could be freed.

Once upon a human, dust do dust, ashes to ashes
And once upon a vampire, vestige for centuries...

All the more beautiful the suffer is.
Unwelcome gift... immortality!

Admired and lusted after as you would be kept clear of by those who would've brought you up to deity...

This obscene face gazing at me
To disclose the cruel truth of my being.

I wish you dead, I'm losing grip all the same.
Mankind... can't you see this is killing me?
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