Picture In My Heart Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to Picture In My Heart
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First time I looked into your eyes
Was like I'd known you all my life
You let me look so deeply in your heart
I just wanted to talk to you
Hear what my heart already knew
Keep you and protect you all my life

Your humor's like a sunny day
It always blows the clouds away
Nothin' here with you could ever feel that sad
You taught me how to lighten up
How not to die when things got rough
Nothin' here on earth can ever feel that bad

I love you baby, you're the one
You know I loved you more than once
A gypsy said she read it in my stars
It was in another life before
When we met, I knew I couldn't
Search no more
I held you like a picture in my heart

Your kindness always teaches me
Your thoughtfulness amazes me
To think of others before thinkin' of yourself
You taught me kindness, in the end
Gives you strength and it wins you friends
That's the only way you'll ever really love

And as the dawn's about to start
The birds'll sing and the dogs will bark
You worked so very hard for everything you see
The atmosphere is charged with life
And just before the dog barks twice
You're the nicest thing that I've ever seen

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