Lyrics to Picking
Picking Video:
Picking and mental preparation necessary
How to choose go to top schools
Picking can take a long
Front of the security guard told me to take a number wait
I was never the brightest students
Slalu wait long to bore
I took away my dreams pass
Cikiciki bombom out the door
I'll never gonna get you anyway
I'm outta here Cikiciki bomb
I'll never gonna get you anyway
Picking you need a total capacity
Tuk my guitar is not enough to be a mainstay
Picking forced into a choice
Only you are disturbing dreams
I was never the best option
Maybe I should get up from my sleep
And take away my dreams pass
I left a message untukkmu
I do not have much time
Maybe next time
Any time you hear me tuk
Now it's time I go
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