Pickin' To Beat The Devil Lyrics

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Lyrics to Pickin' To Beat The Devil
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I make my rounds of the country churches
Playing my guitar for free
My repertoire is one hundred ninety
Songs to God's glory

Now I'm pickin' to beat the devil
And you know he's on my tail
But the Lord is in my fingers
And He won't let me fail

I found myself in a roadside barroom
I was drinking my time away
Kentucky woman and Tennessee whiskey
It's gonna be hell to pay

A worn out chevy and a beat up Martin is all I'll ever own
My worthless life is dedicated to bringing God's children home


Fourteen songs and a temperance sermon that's what a good meal buys
For a little extra there's a guitar solo called Reward In The Sky

Songwriters: MCGRAIL, THOMAS J.
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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