Pick Your Battles Lyrics


Outside Of Calamity

Lyrics to Pick Your Battles
Pick Your Battles Video:
You've led an interesting life
and I'm glad to hear about the things you've done,
and the hardships that you've had to overcome.
did I just lay it on too thick?
did I compromise my credibility with that egregious sarcasm?

and yes I do understand the failings of man -
that it's easier to victimize and demonize than
being accountable, prove yourself fallible
and it's hard to acknowledge your own pedestal
even though it's stuck up your ass and growing out sideways,
the strain tearing holes in your pharisaic mask.

here, have a sympathy nod, a conceding assent
not for merit but for all the energy spent
convincing yourself of the bullshit you sell.
is it me or is the air getting hotter than hell?
I guess I'll leave it alone, leave you free to condone
your gratuitous squeezing for blood from a stone.
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