Lyrics to Pick It Up
Pick It Up Video:
Yo, yo
Back again..
Ha, ha ha!
Turn it up a little bit, pick it up pick it up
Pick it up pick it up
Yo, pick it up

If you find a phone call in a tin westword line, what the hell you gonna do?
Pick it up, pick it up!
If your ball falls out with a pad on the floor, what the hell you gonna do?
Pick it up, pick it up!

While I'm smackin up girls to keep the hoes in check
The double S, Slim Shady wreck the London set
Sit back relax while my squad smokes crack
And tap your man back and be like, yeah you see that??
Ah yes, comin from the motherfuckin midwest
Lift your shirt up and lemme see them big breasts
We molest girls three times a day three times a night
I got G Fools and criminal peoples
Jumpin out when we ten deep
Beat you down and speed off in the Benz Jeep
Brothers be like, Eminem changed his style up
Shut the hell up, I'm still 7 miles, slut!
It's 9-7 so get with it
Peep that back in the day stuff when that Infinite tape was hittin
Listen, must we forget?
I originated all that rough shit
That talk drug shit
That left motherfuckers who try to sound like tough shit
Detroit City is where I grew up, bitch
Peace to all my outsiders in Jers
Forget what you heard, this is 3 and one third!

If you got a STD and yur penis falls on the floor, what the hell you gonna do?
Pick it up, pick it up!
Hah! Yeahhh, yeah yeahhh
And if you see a Slim Shady tape on the fuckin rack, what is Dre gonna do?
On the oven rack..

I give deaf MC's step to the left
I bust MC's and my name is Wyclef
How are you doing I play the banjo, piano
Whatever it is, I rock like Barry Manilow
Yo its Slim Shady on the frickin deck
Y'all don't check it out I wreck the Frim Slady set
The Frim Shady is what I said because I'm frickin drunk
I pick it up pick it up, I sound like a punk

They wish to make a Bambi black, yo you standin back
Death methods, aiyyo got my hand in that
Whoever runnin it, aiyyo you get a damn knee capped
Make the healthiest in your fam.. handicapped
You a fan of rap, my clan'll have your school home, your bitch house
Pull my nine mili you gon' die with your fists out
The new God of rap, call me Bigger Thor
Snap your back when I slap your ass in the Figure Four
For miles around, they can feel us lethal
I make hardcore groups like Wu-Tang sound like the Village People

[Hate Me Now music]

You can hate me now
Pop me in the face right now
You can hate me now
I'm so drunk that I'm throwin up now
You can hate me now
Deflate me now

Hand me an 8th, beam me up, land me in space
I'mma sit on top of the world and spit on Brandi and Mase
I'm more than ill, scarier than a white person trapped in a room with Lauren Hill
Human orifile, be a lot funnier a plot
And people will feel because I'mma still be the Mad Rapper whether I got money or not
Long as I'm on pills and I got plenty of pot
I'll begin the canoe paddlin, makin fun of your yacht
But I would like an award, for the best rapper to get one mic in the Source
And a wardrobe I can afford
Otherwise I might just end up back strikin a Ford
And you wonder what the hell I need more Vicodin for?
Everybody's pissin me off
Even a No Limit tank looks like a middle finger sideways flippin me off
No duh I'm a grave danger to my health
Why else would I kill you, then jump in the grave and bury myself?

You can hate me now..
Hate us..
Ha! Ha!
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