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Prop 808

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Lyrics to Photographic Memory
Photographic Memory Video:
i never claimed to know the outcome,
i never knew why it was falling
when i looked up at the sky
i realized how small i was.
soon my room is full of and im outside
watching this sky
move from one side to the other
an maybe eyes wouldnt cry
i wish i could you touching my pictures
or washing your hair, just like when i was there
wish i could see you, talking about me
and i wouldnt care even if you lied.
next time that i stop to look around
guess i should smell the roses
and now im falling on my knees
begging you to please...
i am no one at all, and i know i need your help
to get by everyday, i need more than
just another not asking you to leave.
you said i dont remember, i dont remember
i do dont care.
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