Phoney Smiles & Fake Hellos Lyrics

Zakk Wylde

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Phoney Smiles & Fake Hellos
You, yeah you, yeah you You got a cardboard cutout soul Just a powertripping, mindraping, backstabbing junkie Thinking your hype is true You, yeah you, yeah you Respect ain't a word you know You're a fabricated lie that doesn't exist Dropping names wherever you go (CHORUS) Life's phoney smiles and fake hellos The hardcore rush of watching heads roll I'll dig your grave and kill your lifeless stare Fuck yourself for all I fucking care You, yeah you, yeah you Thinking you know it all 35 years old with a wife and two kids Still living and your mother's home You, yeah you, yeah you A sellout and a social whore You'd sell your mother's soul just to get ahead A disease down to the core Chorus You, yeah you, yeah you Still haven't figured what it is you do uJst a no talent nothing with a ten ton ego Until your 15 minutes are through You, yeah you, yeah you A conscience deaf and blind I'm driving the hearse without remorse Killing you and your kind Chorus

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