Lyrics to Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down Video:
My despondency at your return
Sets my heart afire, and my heart to burn
The moonlit twilight over the tranquility of my pain
The oscillation of my being likens to rain
Cascophanation throughout the labrynth of our pride
Tumultuous clouds roll through the inferno of abandonment inside
Your deception rebounds against your emptiness
Eternal hunger exacerbates the rage of your existence
With superflous looks, your eyes crucify me
My lifeblood splatters on the walls of forever
Lacerations of emotion assist to liberate me
I hold the key, but my hand is severed
This crimson radiance flows within my retaliation
Prevention of my loss is achieved only through coagulation
Of my self reliance, brought upon by the decay of my ignorance
Crush my lungs, I breathe love to offer as pittance
Cessation of my joy is precipiated by our memories of our dead utopia
And peaceful nights seem as distant as the shattered pangea
On silent wings you rise, but I remain bound
Fallen from your shoulder I float as pheonix down.
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