Lyrics to PHIL 499
PHIL 499 Video:
Semiotic centrifuge. smiling seductively it softly sears the soul. smile, it's showtime. inhale the ambiguity, and revel. suck it all down deep and don't forget to smile. you see, i've felt this way for a while now, and i know i'm not the only one. i need this more than ever because release seems so far away. how long does this hold out dare to endure, stripping it all down and all the while smiling? a necessary passage, but not one without a hefty price. i guess it's mine so i'll bear it alone, and i'd fight you for it if you tried to take it from me. i swore i'd never cry for you, but a promise broken is nothing new in this game of deconstruction for the hell of it. it's been this way for a while now, and i know i'm not the only one. this wisdom-laden path is anything but comforting. i hear it leads to freedom, but what is left once we get there? disappointment is so hard to hide, but there's beauty here and a serotonin smile shows me for what i am. maybe someday it'll out to the bone and maybe the soreaming will cease, but until then it's mine, and i'll bear it alone. i keep getting dropped on my head and it hurts. but keep coming back for more

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