Phantom Killer Attack Lyrics


Where Moshers Dwell

Lyrics to Phantom Killer Attack
Phantom Killer Attack Video:
Anger driven, possessed to kill
To eliminate, his perverted thrill
Hooded sadist homicidal desires
Hate as fuel, gas on the fire

Madman, predator, lurking lovers lane
Bringer of punishment, afflicting pain
Killer on the loose with sadistic intent
The pure fear, he can smell their scent

They must die by his hand
'Cause he's in command
Triggered by the moon,
Their lives he'll take
No way to escape

Phantom phantom phantom - Killer attack
Run for your life or you
Will have to put up a fight
Phantom, prepare for the phantom - Killer attack
He will not stop 'til you're
Dead in the dead of the night

He will teach them to cherish their suffering
Bite, chew, rip, master of butchering
Humiliate, eradicate, no one will be saved
Obliterate, send them to an early grave

Deeds needs no explanation, insane
Victims beg for mercy,
Words spoken in vain
A never ending appetite for destruction
Mutilation, termination





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