Lyrics to Phantasmagoric
Phantasmagoric Video:
Malevolent creations whispering and crawling through the sky
As the darkness falls deeper and deeper
Noiseless atractions coming from below
Faces beyond illusions sinking in a sea of darkness
All dreams came true...

Evil threatening our wicked souls
Death is everywhere in our fleshless bones
Master of our tortured minds
Tears and sufferance sicking the mankind

The way you chose tommorow it has its yesterdays
Now you can't avoid the sorrow
And keeping all the good parts made from memories
But memories are free to borow
Like the beauty coming from itself
Now you're an angel, spread your wings and fly...

Malevolent creations whispering through the skies
As the darkness falls deeper and deeper...

Deep into the sky
It's all that he's been dreaming
We leave our past behind
The way, the thoughts, the feelings
Far into the oceans
There's no limit underneath
Like a soft light of a candle
We are here to fight the wind
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