Lyrics to Perverse Love To God
"The man divine", two-faced pharisee
He's not just shadow in your fantasy
In every second man his eyes can be seen
Alas, his truth is not a cure for hypocrisy

Day as anyone else:
Quarrels, insults - who cares?
How far will you dare?
Slaughter, murders and rapes

As a piggy in a muck
Living beyond your needs
In the world where the truth
Is awful nightmare for your deeds

Perverse love to God
Perverse love to the dead God

Blood on the hands ... dark stains in the mind
The morning after ... with cross around your neck
Crawling to confess ... from perverse love to God

Who's gonna be sacrificed
When in the name of God you terrify
Whose blood makes you satisfied
When perverse love is sanctified

Perverse love to God!
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