Lyrics to Perp Itna
Perp Itna Video:
What ever happened to the dirty words
What the fuck is with the music we just heard
Whatever happened to "drugs are for sluts"
When did it become a contest for the cutest butts

A pathetic excuse
For substance abuse
Did you never see
Have you never seen?
It's a style, not a fucking scene

What happened to the lyrics intriguing?
Now you're rejected if you ain't a vegan
I miss the coprolalia, I miss the careers
Now it's a contest for creatin' a beer

You say you're anti-social, a rebel in disguise
While how come when I see you, you're always dryin your eyes
It ain't about the blood and it ain't about the tears
It ain't about the drugs and it ain't about the beers
You're funding abercombie well that's just great
You wanna spread violence, prejudice and hate
I can't believe the hooks, were replaced with the fashion
It sickens me what happened to the passion
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