Lyrics to Permission To Land
Permission To Land Video:
The chloroform
Has got you dreaming
He's got you turning
Got you twisting in bed

Candy kisses
Have caught my heart
They caught me breathless
From the start
Just hold my hand
Just hold my hand
Stay for a while
Show me that you care
Show me that you care

I think
I'll never love again
I want to make you smile
You make me sick
You're so unconfident
But you've got
All your friends
You are so innocent
Until the end
I'm calling
In i need permission
To land oh, my God
We're falling fast
Run as fast as you can
We're running out tonight
We're running out tonight


The clock strikes twelve
And you still have a hard time
Being yourself
You're a sell out
Dramatic with colors and static
And the whole world
Is right here by my side
So pretty baby
Come out from hiding
I've been searching for you
All my life at least im trying
Oh, oh, i've got to know got to know
Oh, oh, no you really need to know
Just how hard this is without you


The moon illuminates
The view of me and you
And when you fall asleep
I'll leave and take the keys
Tonight's perfect
It's the right time
Cause its the night time
I'll get away and i'll escape
Before youb choke us all to death
And when you choke us all
To death i'll hold your hand
Cause i know
That you've been stressed
And when we play our parts
Everything will fall apart
When you find out
That i've been lying
From the start

(Chorus 6x)

(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)
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