Lyrics to Perfection
Perfection Video:
You're so perfect...
My life is like shit
What you do not see
Is what you cannot feel
I'm falling head over heels..
For you

I'd kill the lighest soul
Repent the hol-y
I love you
I hope you feel the same
I'd die for you,I'd die in vein
Peices of my heart left on the ground..

I'm standing on a mound
Broken hearts all around
My heart lieing in peices...

You're so perfect
I'm living a lie
You've made my life worth it
But I've screwed it up to the sky
I've always loved you...
You never seemed to care
So many words left unsaid
So many parts of me dead

You're every bit of perfection
You're my angel in disguise
You're my perfect blessing
You fell from the sky

I've cried the darkest tears
I've bled the darkest fears
I've made evertything so big

I've made this something else
It's now decrepid...
I've lied a million times

I just diserve to die...
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