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Mike Jones

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Lyrics to Perfect Team Freestyle
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I'm back on the track, I'm bout to rip it apart 40 carats on my chest froze up my heart I'm Mike Jones, Who?, Mike Jones Jones That'll hit the block with all of my rocks and won't leave til' my rocks gone Lemme slow the beat down And give you hoes this free sound Mike Jones, Fat Bastard and Tum-Tum we now About to take the game over Change lanes in a Range Rover They say my trunk drunk cuz my 5th had a hang-over T-Fast and Magno Pullin' up in that jag slow Double T behind me, freakin' all the jazzy hoes Hold up, where Big Tuck? He pullin' up candy buck edition, flippin' Expedition Stack it up and leave slimy sluts D-Town, hold it down Holly Hills, after clown Well Who Is Mike Jones, my solo album comin' round George Lopez, DSR SwishaHouse we up to par We on the scene, lookin' clean Droppin' screens, sippin' bar Who Is Mike Jones?, that's the name of my album I ain't got gold lil mama I got platinum Big Watts, he make the beat chop My 4 18's hit the block and made our hearts drop Mike Jones for the summer I might flip 4 Runner or a Hummer I shine like Baby but I ain't a #1 Stunner I keep it real, you ain't know? I use my skills to get dough and pay bills, you ain't know? And that's real Refrain: (2x) Cuz we grippin' grain, switchin' lanes fuckin' hoes and stackin' change DSR and SwishaHouse if you ain't know we off the chain We on the scene, lookin' clean Sippin' lean, droppin' screens DSR and SwishaHouse that's what I call a perfect team

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