Lyrics to Perfect
Perfect Video:
Please sing to me, I can see you open up to breathe because
fast words make it easier on me
If the point's to never disappoint you somebody's got to tell
me what to do
i just wish you could have seen me when it used to come so
I'd like to say that it's easy to stay but it's not for me, because
I'm barely here at all

Just slow down now the secret's out and I swear now I can
make this perfect
What you want what you need has been killing me trying to
be everything that you want me to be I'll say yes I'll undress
I've done more for less and I will change everything till it's
perfect again

Coming down coming around giving a frown to the sound
when I hit ground
i hate the way that I say I should stay when I know that I don't
give a fuck about it anyway
I shake hands and shoot smiles all around as I sell my body by
the pound, sign my name on the dotted line for would be fate,
do not resuscitate

i think it's better this way; it's good in a bad way

(Thanks to Kelsey for these lyrics)
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