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Lyrics to Perfect Day
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I woke up to the sound of the garbage truck again
Upstairs neighbors toilet is leaking on my head
My car's broke down I missed the bus that runs at ten
I had a feeling this was a day to stay in bed
I finally left my pad right under Jumbo's clown room
A police officer pulled out his gun and said, "freeze, put your hands up"
I said, "sir you got the wrong guy"
I guess it's just a perfect day
It's just a perfect day
I'm sippin' a Fresca at the downtown county jail
My friends are all too broke to come up with my bail
I lost my day shoes to Tiny playing spades
I'm sleeping with one eye open to make sure I don't get laid
Vaye te petras hay a la chingada
The deportation officer he said to me
They put us on a bus to Guadalajara
I guess it's just a perfect day
It's just a perfect day
Have you ever, ever had one of those days
When it seems nothing's right nothing's going your way
It's all wrong I dedicate this song
To you, you and you and whoever relates to what we do
But somebody tell me why, why, why
This always happens to me, me, me
Just another dose of reality
Just trying to make the best of this situation
This really isn't my idea of vacation
Oh my, my mamacita say
Hey baby vaminos a me
This chica bonita is looking ok
Yeah I think I'm going to stay
I guess it's just a perfect day
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