Perception Lyrics

Tony Yayo

El Chapo

Lyrics to Perception
Perception Video:
[Verse 1:]
Dumar spaceships when the money comes
Garage call it area 51
Same clothes 5 days in a row
And I been up 4 this work gotta go
Pale yellow with that creamy white
I mean ivory elephant tusk white
I'm a southside killer g-unit gorilla
New phantom ghost paid cash at the dealer
I catch stunts in the booth god dammit
Sorta like clark kent in the daily planet
10 bitches topless in my park got
Big green house pretty bitches keep trimming
Down the weed plants, fuck the food stamps
Feds don't want a war cause we shoot shit

[Chorus: x2]
Peception is everything
That's why my chain is heavy, ring is heavy
Watch with the bezzy
Perception is everything
That's why my bitch pigeon toed
Bad bitch you take on the road

[Verse 2:]
I like when the weed mature fast
A young pyt mature ass
Slide to the mansion with a jimmy pipe her down
Now she all gassed up like cypher sounds
I pour liquor on pretty dames
They wipe me down like playstation 3 games
For the love of money, not a hall for fames
Bet these cardiar transition lens help a nigga aim
Hit your brain, your legs turn to spaghetti
Your better tell your goons get they straps ready
My homies is goblins call the ghostbusters
They leave many men under white covers

Yea, el chapo

[Chorus x2]
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