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Lyrics to People Talkin' (Bonus Track)
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[Sample] [Its like finding feathers on a housecat] (Jay-Z) Lemme take yall somewhere else right now [Its like searching for a needle in a haystack] Lemme get yall to zone out wit me, man (Its aight, dont be scared) Take yall niggaz left and center(zone out wit) Bullshit [Sample Chorus]2x I hear the people talk(I hear yall) Yes sir and when you walk(Yall hear me) Your kind is hard to find Darling, I'm glad youre mine (Jay-Z talking during chorus) Yall niggaz should twist up sumthin Real real real tight right here Zone out wit ya boy If you dont smoke, grab you sumthin to drink Mix it up right If you dont smoke or drink Man, just light up a inscense Fuck it Close ya eyes... vibe wit me I want yall to really hear me [Verse] I speak through music, I reach you dudes We can get deeper in the dirt than cleat shoes I refuse to lose I peep you creeps three months in advance I SEE RIGHT THROUGH YA, JUDAS! The man that I am and damn you dont know The harder you go at me the harder I flow Lets do this I'm just a mirror reflectin your image The minute you switch up your face I pick up the pace There's nothin to it Pull hammers from my waist We can clap at this amateur pace If that's what's crackin Or we can play this on All Madden Can you even fathom not havin a fear in the world I'm cool in my afterlife If I'm readin these chapters right Please what have you, I breeze through Matthews Bleed if I have you, you cowards die a thousand deaths Fate fucks face-down on your house's steps Are yall even gettin this message? I aint bein aggressive But if you testin my life then, shit I gotta answer Gotta cut off the cancer, young'n, pull your pants up You gettin too big for ya britches You fuckin wit a dude that did it wit digits Breathing's a privilege Dont you know... when youre defeated? Wont you throw? Throw in the towel I'm better with vowels I'm a man of principles; damn-near invincible In my own mind now that my soul's aligned I didnt know before now my role's defined: Take hold and control what's mine COME AND GIT MEEEEEEE Come and take my life, you comin wit me Come and try to take me for granted I'll take you off this planet Dammit, man this is the gift from God This aint have to stand 'Til your arms are too short to box Plus we knuckle up unorthodox You can't take me off my grind GET OFF MY COCK Whatchu thought? It's da ROC [Sample]repeated 3x I hear the... (Jay-Z) Back in the mix of the scuffle Since '86 I was sick wit the hustle(Wooh!) Git a couple of chicks to touch you(Wooh!) Feather-weight fucker dont ever hate on the brothers (talking) Heh-heh Thought I was playin but you niggaz'll stop now I aint gotta sell another record in my life THE BLUEPRINT 2, BABY!!(Mm-hmm) SEE YALL IN NOVEMBER (Oh shit) [Sample chorus]1x I hear the people talk(C'MON!) Yes sir and when you walk(C'mon) Your kind is hard to find Darling, I'm Darling, I'm Darling, I'm [Fades out]

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