Lyrics to People On A Train
People On A Train Video:
People on a train watch
the world go by
People on a train do not wonder why
They go near...they go far
Oh my...what a lot of tracks there are

People on a plane watch
the clouds fly past
People on a plane moving
much too fast
They go high...they go low
Oh my...what a lot of miles they go

People in my life like to walk real slow
People in y life got no place to go
They say hey...come and stay
Oh my...what a lot of love
they give away

But people in this world
were not built to last
People in a cage going nowhere fast
Do not not see
Oh my...people keep away from me
But life is beautiful
and time will carry on
And you, you are beautiful
and people...oh my people
Oh my won't be long
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