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Lyrics to People Magazine Front Cover
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Wake up, my dear, wake up
We found a new industry
Investments will pay off
The product's the truth
People will pay for the answers
That we deliver
Why their neighbour's lawn's greener
And the world's in a mess
Baby, we're heading for profit
We'll have no worries no more
We'll be the first on the moon
And we're reaching out for the stars
And we'll be called the people of the year
("That's right!
Rides off into the sunset with your cash, your hard-earned money!")
Now as we're rich
And we own half of China
We'll use our money
To change the world
Baby, we'll reinvent monarchy
We will rule world
I will be king and you'll be queen
Your crown fits so well that
We'll be called the people of the year
("That's right!
And as a matter of fact you know we own you!")
But when we're alone
We are still the same
That we used to be
When we were young
And people won't know
That we've tricked them all
And that we still hide the truth
Under our bed
In our castle
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