Lyrics to People
People Video:
Why don't you show your true face,
Its too late, so I put all my stuff I have of yours in the suitcase,
Now people never lie, they can never be untrue,
'Til you're lookin' at each other for something other than you,
Hanging out, living good,
Making each other in good moods, eating good food,
When the grass gets wet, there's a slope,
Gotta climb back up, if you've got no rope,
Gotta get to the top, they say you've got no hope,
Just hang out, hang it there, you're the only person
That could go nowhere,
If you listen to people you don't need but,
You know that they need you.


Everybody's got a gun,
To protect from what?
A neighbour? The stranger?
The rivers mud?
The lilly's bud,
Airport raps on build,
Saying something that I can feel, now,
You can give me fire,
And you can give me sticks,
We'll burn this down together,
And we'll lose it in the mist,
Look in the mirror,
Ask where am I?
Rolling hills of green,
Behind a yellow sky,
Power makes you thirsty,
Fame makes you sick,
All I ever wanted,
Was my hand below your wrist,
Riding on my horse,
Through the thunder planes,
Oh honey, I cannot explain!
Coz there ain't no room for hate in your heart,
The earth shakes in the dark,
Breaks us apart,
But we'll put it back together,
Oh yeah baby, put it back together.

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