Lyrics to Penicillin Penny
Penicillin Penny Video:
Penicillin Penny,
She's the queen of the Sunset Strip.
If she ever gives you any
Then you better see your doctor real quick.
From the backseat of Cadillac cars
To the floor of mens room bars,
She's Penicillin Penny
And her future's written in the stars.

She's Penicillin Penny
And ever since the day she came,
They say she's had so many
She gives them all numbers, not names.
I always called her hon',
But she calls me one-thousand-and-one,
And Penicillin Penny
Starts to boogie when the day is done.

She's Penicillin Penny,
If you ever see her passing through
Better run into your house
Or she stops and lays a little on you.
If you ever let her in your door
It takes 20,000,000 units or more to cure
The love that Penicillin Penny lays on you...
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