Peace Comes Stealing Slow Lyrics

Kate Campbell

Blues And Lamentations

Lyrics to Peace Comes Stealing Slow
Peace Comes Stealing Slow Video:
He was twenty-one
if you believe what he wrote down
on the paper that the sergeant
made him sign
he never held a gun
never been too far from home
and he'd never had a night
like this in mind

they moved him to the front
and left him with one order
don't give up that hole
we made you dig
he took a picture out
and then he read some letters
closed his eyes
said the lord my shepherd is

peace comes stealing slow
falls like silent snow
swings down sweet and low
peace comes stealing slow

she was on the street
and looking for some shelter
beaten down
and weary of this world
shivering from the cold
and crazy from the voices
she dreams of summers
when she was a girl

we live in a world
of trials and tribulations
people filled
with hatred everywhere
so we bow our heads
and we raise our voices
offer our petition
in this prayer

peace come stealing slow
fall like silent snow
swing down sweet and low
peace come stealing slow
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