Lyrics to Pazuzu
Pazuzu Video:
Divine emptiness and perfect black decorate the darkness that has come about this land.
The blazing horizon hangs like a pale red ribbon above the temple of god.
From each corner of the sky hangs one angel and from each angel hang ten thousand men.
The waters and land now bow to me and dare to move only at my command.
And I say - may this pitiful soil rumble.
Across vast badlands of red dust and cracking invisible being sore
from me one monument of destruction to another.
And beneath every mountain lies one forgotten demon, still weary and yet enraged.
Thus on the seventh day, the planet shall have realined
and the thirsting sun shall have cast the last beam of light.
Darkness arise!
And around a throne of land, we shall unite to stay.
Man, woman, child and beast - listen,
and inherit my infinite wisdom for I am all and I am no one.
I'm visible and yet unseen.
Beyond the stars that lie beyond, my empire does stand.
Far away and hidden well from the jealous eyes of all.
I call the three dimensions mine.
And to the blackest day has come.
The infinite fire shall be led from your fearful souls.
I have come to proclaim oblivion and all the flames
shall illuminate even god's temple high above.
Breeding to lick the flesh of the lying traitor.
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