Lyrics to Payment Plan
Payment Plan Video:
I wake up and cry, 'cause I'm all alone.
Since you said goodbye, I've been sitting at home.
And I don't know why, I should leave it alone.
I don't wanna try, I wanna go home.
Tonight it doesn't really matter, I'm shattered.
I've hidden the pieces. I'm picking them up.
This place that held me in it's arms is losing all it's charm.
And I've run out of luck.
And so I wake, and I open my eyes.
I'm all alone, the computer is on.
My head's where my feet should be.
?And now I just wanna be alone, but I hate being alone.?
I'm tired of writing a song for you, I wanna write a song for me.
This feeling, so cyclically sickening.
This song is not about anything.
I wake up and cry, 'cause I'm all alone.
Too tired to try, I'm staying at home.
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