Lyrics to Payback
Payback Video:
last night I should have died
to the hand of a best friend...

he held a gun that was mine
and said we'd meet some women in a hotel
and left me there to die

he stopped by my mothers house on his way home
cried with her for an hour
and left some money for my funeral

he held my moms tight
and said god bless his soul
but guess what?
I didn't die

I guess you didn't expect to see me so soon
pleading my absence to the dark side of the moon
what about everything I helped you through?
fuck that
we were deeper more just like brothers
you left me suffering in a hotel room
bleeding and unconscious excepting that I met my doom
and still you turned and I remember you
the tears they burn
there's no forgiving you
I loved you like my own blood
trusted you in my home
was that not enough?
I know that times were rough
but only together could we stay tough
back to back is how we bust
I remember when we were seventeen
cornered in an alley way
I sacrificed my parents van
just to help us get away
we almost died that day
I'd give my life I'd say
but for some money that we could have split
you ride me
and with some honeys major hit
but like always
didn't unload the clip
it was your woman that helped me place this bid
pick up your face you bitch
your lucky that you have kids
or I would fill you up with this lead
while I was pistol whipping his head
you stupid fool
kill me you tried to prize from my demise
now look who's in your eyes
now look who's getting what
its over!
never again
never again
you lost your one friend
your only brother
you know this rage came over me
you know this rage came over me
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