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Lyrics to Paul Dolphin: The Moneymaker
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Lights on
I close the door quietly behind me
I find a note written in the best 3rd grade cursive that i've seen
I turn around
To see the shadow of your tiny frame
Hanging in the kitchen
Inches from the floor

I guess you ankles were to weak to hold your fragile figure
and you needed my belts help
I take you down
and lie you on the cold tile floor
Right next to the stool that you kicked out
Right before you fell.

What should i do
You're such a wreck right now
I guess i'll use this time to clean you up
(She never missed a beat)
When you come to
We'll go get that broken neck checked out
Baby you'll wake up as good as new.

Operator can you help me?
Oh my god
Shes not breathing
(I should have done it myself)

From the passenger seat
Into my arms
I, i...
Carried her through the electric
Hospital doors
Her head curved towards the floors
And held nothing back

Houston, we've got a problem
Someone call her mother
Now i'm falling though the floor.

I want a second opinion
I swear i saw her chest rise

Did you think you would sink this low?
These things are never black and white
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