Lyrics to Patriot
Patriot Video:
Whether forever, or never again
I see you gone
And now, I just want to be there with you,

Oh, how your eyes fell into mine
And we stirred to find the world alive
Like we couldn't feel the decline…

Old railroad, take me away to that time
When men held something close.
The place where we touched the flame,
We burned slowly before it
All went up in smoke.

Smoke, stone, broken bones
A hard place we called a home


I saw with my own eyes us unraveling
While others took to your side.
Men of priviledge and class,
They danced, they drank, they
Robbed the whole place blind.

And drunk with Pride, you hurt, you stole
But I still carried you home.
From the jungles, to the deserts, to the trenches' reddened snow,

So maybe Hell ain't a place
It's a time, a time, a time when things move on
Ain't it a cryin' shame, that after all this we lived to see it gone

Pieces in my hands
Try'n to put ‘em back
Just the way they were before

How we tamed earth and broke rock just to bring us close
20,000 miles of steel across the great unknown
You can't put a fallen leaf back on the tree…

Oh, say can't you see,
That they've taken you from me

All I wanted was to be there with you forever.
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