Patience Lyrics


Lynch Me

Lyrics to Patience
I'm the greatest I dont need no validation uh
You niggas hating u dont want a situation uh
I pull up its a wrap for that whack shit
Fuck that whole persona
U gon die over this rap shit?
I think that shit fake
You gon die for that mistake
Say you fuck with us you pussy
Cut the head off thats a snake
Only doing this to make myself feel better
Only say a couple bars and i'll make yo bitch get wetter
You are irrelevant
I am only a skeleton
Killing niggas off
Rip the body down to the melanin
They can't understand me
And I like that
Want niggas to know i dont like rap
Run up on me and im finna fight back
Bitch i hate whites and i dont like *censored*
Been said that shit beforе this shit is fuck rap
Fuck that
Run up on me pussy get the fuck back
Run it back
I'm still coldеr than whoever wanna say shit
I could be yo homie or I'll give yo ass a facelift
You just bought a mic
I guess thats yo money wasted
You should get a 9-5 and get a fucking day shift
Face it
Underground been tired of that fake shit
Motherfuck a placement
Running out of patience