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Dan Swano


Lyrics to Patchworks
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I have healed the broken wings of fatten angels and laid the wildest storms to
I have tamed the fury of a thousand oceans
All I've done to fall asleep
A tribute to the dreaming
A hymn to the delusions that sometimes realty feels like they're real
In the deepest slumber reality is blended with fantasies and things I have
When I awake all the stories remain inside my head
Memories forgotten always reappear in the wicked sceneries
Characters that once tell into oblivion united with my recent past
Tribute to my dreaming
Hymn to the delusions that I sometimes realty wish were for-real
In the deepest slumber reality is twisted and staggered across the halls of my
When I awake I can remember it still and it is nothing that my senses can kill
And I fall through the passage of time
Then there's the nightmares
That never seem to leave my mind
I can't escape it
They're even stronger when I close my eyes
How to forget and how to erase all the wicked scenes in here
How to make them disappear and burn this patchwork of fear
How to delete
How do I stop all the sickened things I see in this spurious diary that wasn't
made by me
How to replace my artificial memories
Songwriters: DAN ERLAND, SWANO
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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