Lyrics to Pastor Dancing
Pastor Dancing Video:
I walked into the church office
Pastor's door was cosed
Thought I heard some music
So I stuck in my nose
Pastor, he was all alone
Jamming to the grooves
Had to admit I was surprised
Didn't konw he had the moves

I saw pastor dancing
Move his feet in praise
I saw pastor dancing
It must be the last days

Well, pastor didn't see me
So I kept it all under my hat
I just figured it was soemthing he ate
And I let it go at that
At church on Sunday morning
We were singing "I Go to the Rock"
Pastor couldn't help himself
The congregation was in shock

(chorus, 2x)

For me and the band it was practice night
Rocking in the youth group room
Pastor opened the door, and he gave us a look
Through he was gonna lower the boom
We stopped playing and we looked at the floor
Thought he'd say enough is enough
But pastor just cracked s mile and said
Boys, crank it up

(chorus, 2x)
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