Past Blossom Flesh Lyrics

Intervalle Bizarre

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Lyrics to Past Blossom Flesh
Past Blossom Flesh Video:
In a rotting process, when the flesh ceases blossoming, a parallel infection
has not advanced, sick vacuum has been destroyed, two corpses lie moving, for
seven weeks they were in vacuum, but on the eighth week it was destroyed, and
the human flesh began to rot, five weeks later it smelled like universe, past
blossom flesh, sun as the human kind, it's decomposing the flesh, It makes the
world decay, as the sky, flies as the human creatures, putrefacted tissue is
eaten by worms, worms as the human creations, a process of the past blossom
flesh, of the past blossom world, ten weeks later, ruins of the human bodies,
touch the earth - a liquid deadly mud, touch the body - a bloody toxic
disgust, a circle destroyed by the continuum, of dead flesh and dying world,
how much flesh is needed, for the world to dispert, flesh - earth - ground
ash, desperation - die - breed - begin.
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