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Lyrics to Passion And Demise
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The sweet draught of liquor
Runs gently over my tongue
A feast of wicked pleasure
Is the delight of sweat and blood

The seed of a lost morality
As you sow, so shall you reap
A best of prey I am
Trapped in a human abattoir

Now we drift away
Into a proud act of violation
Flesh captures flesh
As we deluge in self-accusation

To copulate means to humiliate
And I tremble within your thighs
I devastate emotional ground
What I adore, I despise

I rape your soul and suck you out
Till I look into your frightened eyes
I’m a prisoner between your legs
In a vicious game of passion and demise...

Together we rise, divided we fall
Caressed by the innocent
I praise the holy whore...

Passion and Demise...
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